Development of the motor lorry before World War 1

Roy Larkin is researching the development of the motor lorry prior to WW1, particularly relating to War Office influence by means of subsidy schemes.

He is also interested in

  • the use of the motor lorry during WW1 and the way it affected warfare for the first time.
  • the development of the road haulage industry and social effects caused by war surplus vehicles and personnel immediately after WW1.
  • companies (own account and haulage) that had vehicles registered under the subsidy schemes, had vehicles commandeered or were started using WW1 surplus vehicles.
  • photographs, documents, company archives, particularly relating to companies that were involved with War Office subsidy schemes, and/or had vehicles requisitioned, or who bought War Office surplus vehicles after WW1.

For contact details, visit: Roy Larkin Historic Roadways

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