Chairman’s Report: February 2013

Margaret and I met up with Dr and Mrs David Hamer, old friends from the States over here on a brief stay in London. David, an international scholar of cryptology (and one suspects much else) was ostensibly attending a conference at Bletchley Park. Our day’s programme in London, as I recall, included the Tate Modern (loved the Bookshop), a meal at the Reform Club (judgement withheld), and a ride on a Routemaster (apparently, the visit’s highlight). Of the latter, David was to write in his specialist journal, link to the article below. You, of course, know that the photograph is not of a Routemaster, which just goes to show you that spies don’t always get it right, or, possibly, Bletchley Park knows something that has hitherto been kept secret …

Routemaster Redux pdf

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