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Autumn Conference 2017 – cancelled

We have struggled to get delegates for the autumn conference, and with great regret the decision has been taken to cancel. The speakers and many delegates were to travel a long way and we feel they deserve a more substantial audience. Our next meeting is the AGM and conference in March – date to be advised. Apologies to everyone who has signed up for the disappointment and inconvenience.

The Autumn will be held on Saturday 7 October in Coventry. See the Events page for details.

Wales on Wheels 2017

Wales on Wheels 2017 was held on Saturday 6 May and was a record breaker. See the Wales on Wheels page for details.

Wales on Wheels 2014


R&RTHA Registered Office

The Association’s registered office has moved to the Kithead Trust premises in Droitwitch.

Secretary Philip Kirk at the Kithead office, June 2015.

Chairman Bob McCloy and Company Secretary Philip Kirk at the Kithead office, June 2015.


The Roads & Road Transport History Association, founded in 1992, promotes, encourages and co-ordinates the study of the history of roads, road passenger transport and the carriage of goods. In 2005, the Association became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum (John Ashley)

We cover the whole range of transport history from the earliest times to the current age … packhorses, carters, street furniture, economics, social trends, the effects of gender upon transport, personalities in road transport, avenues of research, regulation by governments or local authorities, manufacturers and bodybuilders, cycling, sources of transport history, the preservation of artefacts, photographic material, the exploration of archives, the need to promote transport and logistics as a career, a general, boundless interest in transport, and even quite simple nostalgia.

This breadth of interests contributes to valuable cross-fertilisation. We aim to encourage those interested in a particular aspect of transport, to understand their chosen subject in the context of developments in other areas and at other periods.

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  1. I’m a retired journalist, seeking to confirm a bus accident in Oldham in or about 1959. The information I have is sketchy, only that a young lad (probably under 6 years old), named Michael Taylor, was apparently killed when struck by a bus as he crossed a street. Michael was from Oldham. Are there accident records held by the bus company, dating back that far? I understand Oldham Corporation Transport was the bus company at that time. I am not living in England, and it would not be convenient for me to search actual newspaper library records. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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