The Association and its members are active in researching, writing and publishing works on road transport history. The following have been published or are in preparation (click on the title for more information and how to order):

The Companion to Road Passenger Transport History spans almost two centuries of the development of British road passenger transport, from horses and the first mechanically powered trams and buses to hybrids and hydrogen buses; and from stage coaches to motorway express services.  Through a range of articles it explores every aspect of the industry‚Äôs history, and will be an essential reference work for anyone with an interest in road passenger transport. It is the second encyclopaedic work of reference prepared by the Roads and Road Transport History Association and follows the Companion to British Road Haulage History. The Companion to Road Transport History was published in January 2014.

Travels in the Valleys – the story of the neglected but ubiquitous bus in the South Wales valleys in the half century following the First War, by R&RTHA Chairman Bob McCloy ~ published in December 2012.

The Full Turn of the Wheel – the story of May’s Motors of Elstead, 1920-1997 ~ published in May 2007.

75 Years of Traffic Commissioners – a lawyer’s personal view ~ published in May 2006.

Companion to British Road Haulage History ~ published in March 2003

Companion to Public Road Transport History in Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man ~ in preparation for publication in 2013

The Story of Thomas Tilling, 1847-1948 ~ in preparation for publication in 2013


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