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Journals from issue 68 to issue 87 have been published on the Journal Archive page. Older issues wil be scanned and added over the next months.

Journal Contents

The Newsletter and Journal Contents and R&RTHA NEWSLETTER BOOK REVIEWS and NOTICES are now available – click to read the pdf files. Please send any request for copies of articles via the comment box below. There will be a small charge for copying and postage.

The R&&RTHA’s Journal is published quarterly. Usually 20 pages, Journal (known as Newsletter prior to September 2009) has regular features including Association announcements, book reviews, sources of information, letters … and a lively mix of articles across the entire road transport historical spectrum – wide perspectives indeed!

For example, Journal 64 (December 2010) includes ‘Ole Bill’, the story of the most famous LGOC B-type omnibus; Kington Turnpike Trust; Scottish Memories (hauliers in Glasgow in the early 1980s ); Eastland AA box; News from 1950 (from the pages of Commercial Motor); Members Forum and Book Reviews.

Download a sample Road Transport History Association Journal 97 September 2019.

Contributions from members and non-members alike are welcomed by Journal Editor:

Mr. Peter White
13 Lingwood Gardens

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