Cycling dinosaur …

The Times, 3 May 2016, Will Pavia.

Cyclist puts fitness and creativity on the map
Stephen Lund, a GPS artist, created a giant stegosaurus with his movements

Anyone following Stephen Lund on a cycling trip could be forgiven for thinking he is completely lost as he makes a series of strange diversions. But trace his movements from above and you may see a giant stegosaurus or a giraffe take shape.

Mr Lund is a GPS artist who has created monumental doodles using his bike like a “crimson-dipped paint brush” as he weaves through Victoria, British Columbia.

Mr Lund said the giraffe already existed withing the streetscape

People often thought his giraffe sketch rather crude, he told a TEDx online conference.

“Then I tell them . . . that from head to front hoof she stands 11km tall. . . to draw her I had to travel 115km.”

Mr Lund said that he did not really create the giraffe, she already existed, upside down, within the streetscape.


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