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John Scholes Transport History Essay Prize 2015 …

The John Scholes Prize, of up to €275 (275 Euros), is awarded annually to the writer of an unpublished paper based on original research into any aspect of the history of transport and mobility. The prize is intended to recognise budding transport historians. It may be awarded to the writer of one outstanding article, or be divided between two or more entrants. Typically, the prize is awarded for research completed as part of a PhD.

Publication in the Journal of Transport History will be at the discretion of the Editor and subject to the normal refereeing process.

The prize is funded by the Transport History Research Trust in memory of John Scholes. John was the first Curator of Historical Relics at the British Transport Commission. The prize is awarded by the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M – www.t2m.org)


Entry is limited to researchers who, at the time of submission, are not yet in or have just commenced a permanent / tenured academic (or equivalent) position, and who are just starting to publish research.


Essays (in English, double-spaced) must not exceed 8,000 words (including footnotes). Sources must be documented fully. Entries must be submitted electronically, to arrive no later than Friday 26 June 2015. They should not bear any reference to the author or institutional affiliation.

Senior scholars will judge entries against criteria of originality, thoroughness and excellence of argument, source use, composition and illustration. The process is ‘double-blind’. The judges will not enter into correspondence.

A cover letter and a one-page CV must demonstrate eligibility for the prize.

Entries for the prize should be sent to the JTH Editor at jth.editorial_at_gmail.com. The subject line of the message should read ‘John Scholes Prize entry 2015’.